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In the pic to the right: (L to R ) Aaron Vogel, Craig Basler, Skip Steele and Terry Black.


Super Smokers BBQ is proud of the many members of its family tree that have gone on to success and fame.  It all started in Eureka, Missouri on May 25, 1996 when Ron Skinner and Terry Black opened in a red barn looking building that originally belonged to a breakfast chain.  Steven Raichlen, in his best selling book, “BBQ USA,” described Super Smokers BBQ as “succeeding handily” in redefining St. Louis barbecue.

There are local and not so local examples of Alumni who have gone on to make the barbecue industry proud.  Gaining much national publicity is downtown favorite Pappy’s.  Mike Emerson, their founder, started as a customer in Eureka who later became the Super Smokers General Manager there for roughly two and a half years before going into real estate.  Skip Steele, college room mate of Super Smokers co-founder Terry Black, was instrumental in helping get Pappy’s established. He started with the Super Smokers corporate team in October 1997 to open Super Smokers BBQ in O’ Fallon, Illinois.  Mr.  Steele (pictured below) is credited with founding Bogart’s in Soulard.  Their family tree continues to grow  with Adam’s Smokehouse in the “Hill” area of St. Louis as a spin off of the two previous operations.  This group is opening international locations as well. Again, we could not be prouder of these guys!

A “not so local” alum and member of the family tree who has gone on to great success is “Cackle and Oink” BBQ in Sherman, Texas. Aaron Vogel (pictured below) started as a bartender in O’ Fallon, Illinois for Super Smokers BBQ.  He worked his way up to becoming a General Manager. A few years later he moved to Sherman and quickly became a hit.  In its first nine years of being in business, it has been awarded the “Texoma” Region’s Best Barbecue.  Their competition team team won Oklahoma’s State Championship in 2014. They have also been featured on national television.  Little Known Fact:  Mr. Vogel named his business after a Super Smokers BBQ rub.  The rub used at Super Smokers to season chicken and pork has been called “Cackle and Oink” since 1996.

A barbecue team from Belleville, Illinois, “Hick’s BBQ” considers themselves part of the Super Smokers family.  Al Hicks received his first competition training at the O’ Fallon, Illinois location and participated with Super Smokers’ team at several contests. His barbecue restaurant in Belleville, Illinois has won several awards and recognitions.  We at Super Smokers BBQ are proud of the quality in barbecue they have brought to that community as one of the best in all of the St. Louis region.

Another Super Smokers alumnus Matt Stiffelman is the man behind Vernon’s BBQ in University City, MO. Matt ran the Super Smokers BBQ operation at Busch Stadium and the Edward Jones Dome in the early 2000’s. He was a master at catering and special events. Vernon’s has quickly become recognized in U-City as great tasting barbecue and you can see Matt from time to time making local television appearances promoting tasty goods.

But it is not just restaurants!

Marianne Moore, who is now creative director for Dierberg’s School of Cooking, was catering director for Super Smokers for several years.  Under her leadership the Super Smokers BBQ team won the highest honor in catering a company can receive.  The award was for “Event of the Year” as Super Smokers catered and managed a formal Barbecue Who’s Who affair for the re-opening on the Eads Bridge in 2004.  You can see Marianne at her base of operations in Des Peres or on television on the show “Everybody Cooks”.

 “Family Foods” is a very successful special events food vendor.  David Penn and his "Family" vend at all sorts of games and concerts at Scottrade Center in Downtown St. Louis.  They have also vended for years at Riverport Ampitheatre in Maryland Heights, as well as across the USA. The barbecue they serve was created out of a joint partnership with Super Smokers BBQ.  They have been recognized nationally, in their niche industry, for how they run their business.