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A BBQ Restaurant with a Cajun Flair!

We were having so much fun with our original Smokehouse in Eureka we decided to show some love to the rest of the St. Louis metro area. (A mobile BBQ Food Truck wasn’t cutting it!)

So we decided to head south! Affton to be exact. Come see us!

Super Smokers has been smoking award winning BBQ for two decades. We’ve won many awards. We’ve also sold nearly a million plates of BBQ.


But we don’t just cook great food, we love to eat it too!

One of our favorite flavors is the spice of Louisiana!

So we’re mixing that with our smoky meats to create BBQ with a Cajun Flair!

Super Smokers BBQ + Cajun Flair

We know we’ve probably got your mouth watering – Explore Our Menu and see what all the fuss is about!


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